The programme is divided into five modules of lectures on the topic of International Economics and Law. After completing the Summer School you can apply at your university for recognition of International Economics and Law. The lectures and workshops are given by successful managers and by professional experts and they are in English.

International taxation – traditional principles and challenges of recent development

Monday 26th August 2019

Lecturer: Simona Hornochová, certified tax advisor and lecturer, member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic


  • Basic principles of international tax rules
  • Profit allocation rules
  • Activities of international organizations such as OECD and EU in the area of tax
  • Avoidance and profit shifting to low tax jurisdictions and challenges of the digital
  • Economy
Simona Hornochová

International taxation is interesting discipline currently made even more attractive due to tax collection activities of international organizations and local nments focused on celebrities such as Boris Becker, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira or corporate icons like Google, Amazon, Apple etc.

Labour migration in the Czech Republic and the EU during and after the economic crisis

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Lecturer: Milan Palát, Vice-rector for science and research and foreign relations


  • Impacts of immigration on labour marketsEconomics of labour markets
  • Economics of labour markets and migration
  • Labour migration in the Czech Republic and the EU
  • Structural changes during the economic crisis
  • Work permits, employment status, qualification
  • Migration trends
Milan Palát

International migration has significantly impacted the labour markets of receiving and sending countries and is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a globalised world. Therefore, an exploration of causes and consequences of migration can significantly facilitate our understanding of these issues.

What does it mean "Made in..."?

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Lecturer: Jitka Veselá, Head of Marketing and Management department


  • Concept of national image
  • Forming of national image
  • Measuring of national image
  • Country of origin effect
  • Consumer ethnocentrism
  • Logo and nation brand
  • Case studies - tasks
Jitka Veselá

If you want to know what you can find behind the words "Made in" then you are at the right place :)

International Public Law in a Nutshell

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Lecturer: Jaroslav Knot, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Norway and Iceland


  • What does international public law mean?
  • Subjects of international law
  • Sources of international law
  • Diplomatic Law
  • Legal regime of international spaces (law of the sea, Arctica, Antarctica, space law)
  • Current topics in the international law
Jaroslav Knot

The main goal of the lecture is to provide an elementary overview and basic orientation in international public law in the form of the examples and interesting stories.

Global machinery company development - From a local Stavostroj to the global Ammann.

Thursday 29th August 2019

Lecturer: Tomáš Kopic, CEO of AMMANN Czech Republic company


  • Specific marketing for each continent
  • Risks of new companies integration into the group
  • Global product portfolio
  • HR management for the whole world
  • Importance and threats of a global organization structure
Tomáš Kopic

It will be a unique chance to see 20-year development of a real machinery company from a local Czech producer of building machinery to a global Swiss company delivering a complete solution for traffic infrastructure construction. The lectures will be given by a charismatic presenter and there will be a surprise and a valuable present for each attendee at the end!

The Long-term Convergence Of "New" EU Countries And How To Measure It

Friday 30th August 2019

Lecturer: Miroslav Singer, Former governor of the Czech National Bank


  • Stylized facts about the progress of new economies according cumulative real GDP over last quarter of century
  • The deficiences of the real GDP in measuring the whole story
  • The alternative and convergence
Miroslav Singer

It appears that cumulative real GDP measure may lead to ignorance of more than half of the conbvergence proces of some of countries. Intutively understandable alternative will be provided. The case nicely illustrates that despite using more and more powerful tools its better to think about the data we are using especially for longer-term comparisons as they may not reflect more than half of an "action" we want to discuss.

Guided tour in Senate: Parliament of the Czech republic

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Have you ever been to a government building? You will have the rare opportunity to visit the Senate of the Czech Republic and to access places that are usually reserved to the senators only.


You will access places reserved to the senators only.

Trip and picnic on Kraví hora

Wednesday 28th August 2019

After the trip to the Znovín Znojmo wine-producing company with wine tasting we will walk along the river Dyje. There, on “Kraví hora” hill a fabulous picnic with breathtaking views of the whole Znojmo panorama will be held for you.


Breathtaking views and a fabulous picnic.

Guided tour in Znojmo city centre and party in club Harvart

Thursday 29th August 2019

Discover the beauties of the historical centre of the town of Znojmo, which was declared the most beautiful historical town in the Czech Republic in 2010 . We will stroll through the picturesque medieval streets admiring the monuments you will already know from the view. The evening will be concluded by a party in our college club Harvart.


Picturesque medieval streets in the town centre and then a party in the Harvart club.

Day trip to Vienna

Saturday 31th August 2019

Vienna is only a stone's throw from Znojmo. Why not to make a trip? By train we are in the very centre in 90 minutes. A guide will show you round the city, you will see the most beautiful sights and absorb the magnificent atmosphere of the Austria's capital.


Vienna is waiting for you!